Featured Artist at the e.Gallery: Pieter Claesz


Featured Artist at the e.Gallery this week is a 17th Century artist, Pieter Claesz [Dutch, c.1597-1660] Link: https://fineart.elib.com/fineart.php?dir=Alphabetical/Claesz_Pieter

Pieter Claesz was a Dutch still life painter, born in Westphalia in 1597. He moved to Haarlem, married there in 1617 and remained in the town for the rest of his life. His most characteristic genre is that of the breakfast piece, although he also painted banquet pieces and a few vanitas still lifes. With his contemporary, the Haarlem painter Willem Claesz. Heda, he was the most important exponent of the monochrome’ breakfast piece. Not strictly monochromatic, these works are composed in subtle harmonies of grey, brown and green, often with a sharp yellow accent provided by a peeled lemon. Claesz’s breakfast pieces are generally distinguishable from Heda’s by the types of objects he depicts. Claesz’s monochrome period, in fact, spans only the period of the 1630s; after 1640 his style became grander and more decorative. Although he and Heda could be said to have invested still life with an increased dignity and refinement, Claesz’s own son, Nicolaes Berchem, established himself instead as a landscape painter. Claesze died in 1660.

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Still Life with Wine Glass and Silver Bowl

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Still Life with Musical Instruments

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Still Life

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Tobacco Pipes and Brazier

Featured Artist at the e.Gallery: Annibale Carracci


Featured Artist at the e.Gallery this week is a 17th Century artist of the Baroque movement, Annibale Carracci [Italian, 1560-1609] Link: https://fineart.elib.com/fineart.php?dir=Alphabetical/Carracci_Annibale

Carracci. Family of Bolognese painters, the brothers Agostino (1557-1602) and Annibale (1560-1609) and their cousin Ludovico (1555-1619), who were prominent figures at the end of the 16th century in the movement against the prevailing Mannerist artificiality of Italian painting.

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The Coronation of the Virgin

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Triton Sounding A Conch Shell

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Portrait of Giovanni Gabrieli with Lute

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Featured Artist at the e.Gallery: Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas


Featured Artist at the e.Gallery this week is a 19th Century artist of the Impressionist movement, Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas [French, 1834-1917] Link: https://fineart.elib.com/fineart.php?dir=Alphabetical/Degas_Edgar

Degas, (Hilaire-Germain-) Edgar (b. July 19, 1834, Paris, Fr. — d. Sept. 27, 1917, Paris) French artist, acknowledged as the master of drawing the human figure in motion. Degas worked in many mediums, preferring pastel to all others. He is perhaps best known for his paintings, drawings, and bronzes of ballerinas and of race horses.

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Featured Artist at the e.Gallery: Hans Balding Grien


Featured Artist at the e.Gallery this week is a 16th Century artist, Hans Balding Grien [German, 1476?-1545] Link: https://fineart.elib.com/fineart.php?dir=Alphabetical/Grien_Hans

Baldung Grien, Hans (1484/85-1545). German painter and graphic artist. He probably trained with Dürer in Nuremberg, but his brilliant color, expressive use of distortion, and taste for the gruesome bring him closer in spirit to his other great German contemporary, Grünewald.

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Portrait of A Bearded Old Man

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The Three Fates (The Three Fates: Lachesis, Atropos and Clotho)

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The Crucifixion

Featured Artist at the e.Gallery: Giovanni Bellini


Featured Artist at the e.Gallery this week is a 15th Century artist, Giovanni Bellini [Italian, 1426-1516] Link: https://fineart.elib.com/fineart.php?dir=Alphabetical/Bellini_Giovanni

Giovanni Bellini (1430?–1516), was the founder of the Venetian school of painting, Giovanni Bellini raised Venice to a center of Renaissance art that rivaled Florence and Rome. He brought to painting a new degree of realism, a new wealth of subject matter, and a new sensuousness in form and color.

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Agony in the Garden

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Madonna with Saints

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The Madonna of the Meadow

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Head of the Baptist

Featured Artist at the e.Gallery: James Abbott McNeill Whistler


Featured Artist at the e.Gallery this week is a 19th Century artist, James Abbott McNeill Whistler [American, 1834-1903] Link: https://fineart.elib.com/fineart.php?dir=Alphabetical/Whistler_James_Abbott_McNeill

Whistler, James Abbott McNeill (1834-1903). American-born painter and graphic artist, active mainly in England. He spent several of his childhood years in Russia (where his father had gone to work as a civil engineer) and was an inveterate traveller. His training as an artist began indirectly when, after his discharge from West Point Military Academy for ‘deficiency in chemistry’, he learnt etching as a US navy cartographer. In 1855 he went to Paris, where he studied intermittently under Gleyre, made copies in the Louvre, acquired a lasting admiration for Velázquez, and became a devotee of the cult of the Japanese print and oriental art and decoration in general. Through his friend Fantin-Latour he met Courbet, Realism inspired much of his early work. The circles in which he moved can be gauged from Fantin-Latour’s Homage to Delacroix, in which Whistler is portrayed alongside Baudelaire, Manet, and others. He settled in London in 1859, but often returned to France. His At the Piano (Taft Museum, Cincinnati, 1859) was well received at the Royal Academy exhibition in 1860 and he soon made a name for himself, not just because of his talent, but also on account of his flamboyant personality. He was famous for his wit and dandyism, and loved controversy. His life-style was lavish and he was often in debt. Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Oscar Wilde were among his famous friends.

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