Featured Artist at the e.Gallery: Annibale Carracci


Featured Artist at the e.Gallery this week is a 17th Century artist of the Baroque movement, Annibale Carracci [Italian, 1560-1609] Link: https://fineart.elib.com/fineart.php?dir=Alphabetical/Carracci_Annibale

Carracci. Family of Bolognese painters, the brothers Agostino (1557-1602) and Annibale (1560-1609) and their cousin Ludovico (1555-1619), who were prominent figures at the end of the 16th century in the movement against the prevailing Mannerist artificiality of Italian painting.

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The Coronation of the Virgin

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Triton Sounding A Conch Shell

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Portrait of Giovanni Gabrieli with Lute

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