Featured Artist at the e.Gallery: Giovanni Bellini


Featured Artist at the e.Gallery this week is a 15th Century artist, Giovanni Bellini [Italian, 1426-1516] Link: https://fineart.elib.com/fineart.php?dir=Alphabetical/Bellini_Giovanni

Giovanni Bellini (1430?–1516), was the founder of the Venetian school of painting, Giovanni Bellini raised Venice to a center of Renaissance art that rivaled Florence and Rome. He brought to painting a new degree of realism, a new wealth of subject matter, and a new sensuousness in form and color.

thumbnail of agony_d.jpg
Agony in the Garden

thumbnail of madonna+.jpg
Madonna with Saints

thumbnail of madonna_meadow.jpg
The Madonna of the Meadow

thumbnail of head-baptist.jpg
Head of the Baptist
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