Featured Artist at the e.Gallery: Arshile Gorky


Today’s Featured Artist at the e.Gallery is a 20th Century artist of the Abstract Expressionist movement, Arshile Gorky [American, 1904-1948] Link: http://fineart.elib.com/fineart.php?dir=Alphabetical/Gorky_Arshile

, born, 1904, Turkish Armenia; died, 1948, Connecticut,
was born Vosdanik Adoian in the village of Khorkom, province of
Van, Armenia, on April 15, 1904. The Adoians became refugees from
the Turkish invasion; Gorky himself left Van in 1915 and arrived in
the United States about March 1, 1920. He stayed with relatives in
Watertown, Massachusetts, and with his father, who had settled in
Providence, Rhode Island. By 1922 he lived in Watertown and taught
at the New School of Design in Boston. In 1925 he moved to New York
and changed his name to Arshile Gorky. He entered the Grand Central
School of Art in New York as a student but soon became an
instructor of drawing; from 1926 to 1931 he was a member of the
faculty. Throughout the 1920s Gorky’s painting was influenced by
Georges Braque,
Paul C├ęzanne,
and, above all,
Pablo Picasso.

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The Liver is the Cock’s Comb

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Garden in Sochi
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